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Your post/58558426346 you tagged dean winchester dat jaw clench is actually Jason Teague not Dean Winchester. It was posted a while ago so apologies if you've been told before and didn't care.

Thank you for telling me! I didn’t know, I’ve only ever watched a couple episodes of Smallville before, thanks for pointing it out. (:


if you don’t look at this and think cas would be the mouthiest little shit of a sub, i have some news for you friend

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deancas + spring

When spring makes it’s gentle return, Dean finds it increasingly difficult to usher Castiel back into the bunker every evening. When they’re not on a case, the latter prefers to explore the brushwood surrounding the property, filling up the birdhouses Dean helped him build with pellets from the local pet store and watching plants blossom and return to life. He even manages to stumble across an empty patch of land a little ways behind the bunker, which he eagerly decides would make a good garden (Sam’s nearly overjoyed at the prospect of entirely organic, self-harvested fruits and vegetables). 

Dean complies, thinking it amusing and a little odd for a former soldier of Heaven, Angel of the Lord, to be planting tulips and strawberries. The rain boots Cas wears in the dirt are endearing though, and Dean would be lying if he said he wasn’t looking forward to one day having home-grown cherries and apples for baking into his kick-ass pies. 

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Misha being his five year old self

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What Ever You Think It Is, Its not. PLAY IT 


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3x07 - Fresh Blood

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